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Walking with Katarakagura

Meet Katie, This wild child is currently living in Spain and moving on the some new adventures by travelling to different countries. We fell in love with this tropical wildling and her cute style. Lets walk..


You are living in city Granda in Andalusia, is that where you grow up?

No I grew up in London :) but I’m now currently Living on Granada’s coastline (an hour away by car from Granada city) A small sub tropical beach town. Avocados, custard apples, Pomegranates, figs … You name it grows here! Even lychees and dragon fruits!

Your favourite spot in Granda?

My favourite spot in Granada city would have to be “little Morocco” loads of tiny little twisty narrow streets with Moroccan tea houses small shops selling lots of Moroccan jewels, leather, colourful scarves and pottery. It’s literally like being in Morocco. But my favourite place of all would have to be this hidden little beach that me and my boyfriend found on one of our hikes a little while back. The water always seems to be crystal clear and calm there.


What’s your favourite place when you want to by your self ?

The beach! Silent

Meditation or active yoga?

Active yoga .. I have a lot of energy that needs to be burnt daily. I do a lot of short burst high intensity cardio. I’d like to get better at meditating though.katagura-rs

Favourite artist or song at this moment?

Oooh I keep playing Oino LA priest on repeat .. It’s been my travel tune this summer. I also really like Drake and Bryson Tiller. If you could start over your life, is there anything you would do different? No not at all .. Even the mistakes! As long as you learn from them it was worth doing wrong.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic .. My style changes with my mood or the place I’m in. At the moment I’d say it’s quite Gypsy inspired with a lot of Mediterranean influence.



Whats your biggest inspiration ?

Hmm Mother Nature .. Her ocean, her trees, her colours .. Everything about nature really inspires me to travel and to look after this beautiful planet as much I can.

What change do you like to see in the world?

Equality .. No rich .. No poor. A world where we are not slaves to money. A world where money doesn’t exist. Outgoing or shy? Both! Depending on the context.


Favourite meal?

I adore Spanish tapas

Do you rather buy a one way ticket or a roundtrip ticket?

I’m actually about to buy a one way ticket to Australia in February with my boyfriend. So that answers that question haha


Daughter of the sea or a horsy on land ?

Daughter of the sea 100% I almost always have a dip and swim in the sea every day. Although I love a Sunday hike .. Which normally leads to a beach haha


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